The Upgrading of Eminent Seeds Breeding Station
In order to consistently meet the high quality standards that our Quality Assurance systems & GSPP protocol require, Eminent Seeds has spent the latter weeks of 2017 modernising our breeding station & ensuring optimisation in all aspects of the facility.

The 10,000 sqm greenhouse has been divided into 4 sections, thereby providing a crop specific environment for each of our key crops; tomatoes, peppers, chillies. This now allows for optimal growing conditions by crop type. 

In addition in the sowing & propagation section we have installed special cultivation tables & lighting, which are already in use. The new crop propagation for 2018 has seen around 56,000 seeds sown and we expect some fantastic developments to result from this programme.

Eminent Seeds would like to thank all our partners for their understanding & co-operation and indeed their excellent work.