Eminent, the art of creation

For the last 35 years Eminent has been a market leader in the breeding and sales of speciality vegetables. Through the years, we have become experts in two areas - Eminent Food’s field of expertise is selling speciality vegetables and Eminent Seeds specialises in the development of new exclusive vegetable varieties.

Eminent Seeds

Eminent Seeds specialises in the breeding of speciality tomatoes, sweet peppers and chilli peppers, each of which stands out in colour, shape, size and taste.
Our collection of successful hybrids includes; the Tinkerbell®, a red and yellow baby block pepper, the Tomberry®, a red and yellow pearl tomato, and the Habanero F1 pepper. These speciality varieties are propagated in-house with the latest breeding techniques, and under the stringent rules of the GSPP protocol.

Eminent Food

In recent years the range of Eminent Food has been continually broadened with new types and varieties. Every vegetable that has differs in size, shape, colour and flavour immediately catches our eye. If these products conform to our high standards, we add them to our assortment.


champagneThe Tomberry® is the pearl in our range - a unique product, developed by Eminent. World’s smallest tomato! Currently available in red and yellow but at Eminent Seeds we are already experimenting with breeding other colours.
The Tomberry® may be small in size, but it can be used in a great number of ways. Although very well-suited as the finishing touch to an special appetiser, it can also be used as a simple addition to a green salad. With this in mind, we developed a unique packaging that fits perfectly within the product versatility and completes the concept. It says it all - advice on how to use this tiny tomato, shelf-life and, above all, convenience.

The new art of creation

To be a the leader in the field and stay the best, we set very high standards for ourselves. We believe our customers have the right to expect this from us. These promises and Eminent’s core beliefs are emulated in our new quality logo and corporate image, the New Art of Creation. A wonderful concept of which we are immensely proud. We cordially invite you to the unveiling of this quality logo, and to be inspired by the new Tomberry® concept.

When? 7 februari 2018 om 16.30 hours
Where? Fruit Logistica Berlijn, Hall 3.2 stand C26
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